Free to be Me

One Friday a month, Tirzah Stands will have a “take over” day — #TakeoverTstands . This Friday a friend of mine, Zindri is sharing some of her story about how she has found freedom to be H E R S E L F – #FindFreeFri .



For my entire life, I’ve always felt like I didn’t quite fit in anywhere. I could adjust my personality to get along with anyone but if I had to be [myself] I would one hundred percent be misunderstood. Nobody reasoned like I did, my passions and desires didn’t align with anyone else and quite frankly I couldn’t figure myself out either. One teacher I had, even laughed at my dream to become a >fireman<. I refused to enroll in College for a ‘real degree’. At one point, all I wanted to do was dance, create, produce and choreograph forever. I always wanted to go against the grain of what everyone else was doing.

For the past two years, I have fallen head over heels in love with Jesus. The harder I fell, the more I fell in love with the way He made me. I started embracing every aspect of myself, not only some. I realized every aspect of who I am has an attribute of my Daddy, God. I decided to finally surrender being understood and just be myself. I realized once I became free from what people thought, I became free to be me! I then became free from opinions, gossip, expectations and embraced the real me, {crazy awkward and possibly ‘extra’ special}. Ha! You don’t need anyone’s permission to be Y O U!

Now, I thrive when people can’t figure me out. Normal is so monotonous. Yes, being different may cause people to gossip more frequently but who the heck cares?! If they weren’t fascinated by you they wouldn’t be talking about you. I think that when people question M E, it is so great and I no longer view or see it as judgement against me. I don’t even allow this offensive mindset to enter in! I would much rather be fascinating and intriguing than mediocre and lackluster.

I’ve noticed that, for the longest time, the enemy has twisted some of my unique traits and convinced me to feel ashamed. Just like the enemy could use the most powerful thing in the world- LOVE, and turn it into lust, he can use all of our powerful qualities and twist them. I’ve always done things different than others; if the crowd goes left I want to go right. This could be twisted to make me think I am rebellious. BUT, when I align myself with God’s heart He says, ‘forerunner’ or ‘trailblazer’. We empower the voice we believe. Your wild side could be used for damage or it could be used to fuel tenacity to radically change the world. Your daring side could be used for destruction or it could be used to destroy the works of the enemy!

It is time to embrace E V E R Y aspect of who we are– change the way we think about ourselves and allow Jesus to use those unique traits to change the world. He was intentional when He made us; they were deposited in us for greatness, for trailblazing, to wreck nonsense and possess territory! It is time to make decisions based on what Jesus is whispering, not based on how people will respond. It is time to be free, free from focusing on the response from others. Be free to be YOU today!!




I am so thankful that you feel free to be Y O U. We, here at Tirzah Stands L O V E the Zindri we know. You radiate the glory of the Lord and your rebellious side for the kingdom is not a force to be reckoned with. Thank you for your insight and encouragement for us today in realizing that every single aspect of us was created for a purpose and reason, all the way down to our nature to be T R A I L B L A Z E R S.

Thanks for leading so many of us in so many ways.


Thank you all for stopping by Tirzah Stands today and we wish you a very merry and B R I G H T Holiday Season,



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