Freedom from Sin

Do you ever feel like you sin over and over? M E  T O O. When will it stop? Well, it won’t because we are human. It is something that occurs so often in this human world. From the trials, however we are called to praise Him still and thank Him. Sometimes I get sick to my stomach, even to the point of feeling like I hate myself, when I do something that hurts someone I love. I have a hard time receiving grace from not only God, but from others. We feel we must be perfect in order to prove ourselves worthy of love, right? Whether arguments are intentional on my part or not, we FEEL bad in the midst of them. Most of the time I find arguments to occur when I am quick to get angry or frustrated. It is usually due to feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, etc. When we hurt the ones we love most, I T  S U C K S.

[We cannot escape our failure to be righteous in our own strength].

In the moments of anger, anxiety or frustration we can ONLY realize and understand our true human weakness when we look to God, pray in that moment and consider relying on the atoning sacrifice of Jesus. It is ok to have feelings. We are human and some feelings are based on truth and things that have occurred in our lives to make us think feel and believe a certain way, but other feelings can be irrational. We have to take our thoughts and every thought captive, BUT this goes against the way most of us are wired. Right? By habit, when we feel a certain way, we immediately respond to that feeling.

Just today, I responded to my husband in a way I am not proud of. I do not claim to be without sin, because I would be deceiving myself. The act of confessing, is freeing and I know the Lord says he is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and purify us.

He sees us {white as snow} and casts our sins as far as the East is from the West. He no longer sees them because of what Jesus did for us.

Though our sins are as scarlet and though our righteous deeds only be but filthy rags, God chooses to see Jesus in us and not us as this ugly sinner walking around Earth.

He loves us so much, it is unreal. I, thus, do not need to live in condemnation and self-pity for my sins. Neither do you. We can feel free to repent as Holy Spirit speaks to our heart, ask, and move forward, learning a lesson and thus gaining wisdom, strength and more endurance to know that WE can continue running the race, together.

May you, beloved, know today that YOU MATTER and YOU ARE LOVED,




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