Freedom for a Chef

Hi friends!,

Long time no talk! I took off for a few months as I was involved in wedding festivities for a close friend. What a blast that was! We are back and ending March with a bang! One Friday a month, Tirzah Stands has a “take over” day — #TakeoverTstands . This Friday, a cousin of mine, Allison, is sharing some of her story about how she has found freedom in ~BAKING~ – Happy #FindFreeFri !!!!



What do you get when you mix a somewhat tumultuous childhood home life with an uncomfortable adolescent school life? These days, a whole slew of pretty normal problems. At a young age, I developed anxiety caused by a combination of parental arguments and playground bullies. I constantly worried which ball would drop next and where that might occur. In the midst of all that, though, I found comfort in one thing… Baking.

Baking became my passion, and the kitchen became my creative place, the place I would go for security and confidence– my flow zone, the only place I could think clearly and have control. No matter what happened, I always made time to bake and told my mother that one day I would become a Pastry Chef. As I got older and pursued a college degree and career, I left this passion behind.

I landed my first “big girl” job right after graduation and felt convinced that I had arrived at my happy place. Over time, though, I started feeling unfulfilled; I didn’t know why. Some might say I developed a mild case of depression over it, for which I sought help through friends, family, and my trusted therapist.

After a while, I started to feel more positive and thought that maybe I would become the CEO of my company one day. At the same time, I still felt like my life lacked something. So, I dug deep… I tried to remember what used to bring me joy and quickly remembered– baking! In that moment I vowed to set aside one night a week to bake, and boom! The void started to become more and more shallow and the joy began to roll in. That’s when I realized that baking was a passion I never should have left behind and it was what I needed to do now.

Since then, I have quit the aforementioned “big girl” job and started a blog called Mix & Mull that features my baking recipes and tips for mindfulness that I picked up over the years through life experiences and my Bachelor’s degree in Human Development & Counseling Services. I have also taken two new part time jobs that will allow me to attend a Culinary Arts program this fall to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a Pastry Chef.

While “quitting” a life that I worked so hard to build and embarking on an entirely new path can certainly feel scary and uncertain, it has mostly made me fee FREE — free from the idea that following dreams is too difficult, free from always wondering what life could be, and free from always wishing I was in a different place. I don’t have to wish anymore because I’m doing, and I am humbly embracing the uncertainties and fears that come along with it.

There is no dream too big or too hard. If you never take the first step of faith into the unknown, you will never know what could be. The first step is the hardest one, and I can say that the freedom and joy that come along with taking that step are well worth it.

I always end my blog posts a wish for my readers. So, here is my wish for you: May you look at the way your life is, consider how you would like it to be, and take one step into the potentially dark, scary and uncertain path and know that you will be carried the rest of the way, into the light that is FREEDOM!


Thank you Allison,

I truly have admired watching you transition and take a leap of faith, into the uncertain. I believe you will go far as the chef that you ALREADY ARE! I am proud of who you are, despite some of life’s curves that would cause some to give up completely. You are a gem, a light and such a sweet family member I have been able to share life with. Thank you for sharing your truth and about what has brought you TRUE freedom!


Thanks for joining me on this adventure to finding more and more freedom.

May you be blessed abundantly today,



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