Tirzah S T A N D S

Welcome Friends,

I am so humbled and excited that you have even taken a moment to visit Tirzah Stands. I love hearing stories of those who are redeemed, made new, and know where true freedom lies.

My name is Lauren and I want this space to feel like home; a place full of love, grace and redemption for all; a place where shoes are kicked off, we are hanging on the couch, chatting and drinking a good cup of joe.

Tirzah means, “she is my delight” in Hebrew. When my husband began calling me Tirzah when we first married, it meant so much to me. Not only because I knew and felt that I was his delight, but because we both knew the depth of this name from one of our favorite books, “Redeeming Love”. A character Michael, rescues a very broken woman named Angel and he gives her this new name, Tirzah. He shows her love, despite her past and current behaviors. He leads her to know, embrace and understand unconditional and redeeming love. Michael, himself, also experiences freedom and redemption in his own life as he chooses grace and mercy.

His delight, Y O U,  can choose to stand too.

I crave standing up for the truth, nobility, purity, and for justice. I desire to stand in the battles, the triumphs, the laughs and the tears with people of all backgrounds and as creatively [or simply] as desired in that moment- and, be ok with the beauty of process. I want to tell the truth about who God is to me and the role He is playing and has played in changing my own heart and life as well as my marriage. I hope to inspire men and women who love art, fashion, good friends, family, music, traveling, writing, and encouraging others to continue using their gifts for greater purposes and to do so with a pure heart.

This unconditional love has led me to dive in further, thirsting for it. LOVE has enabled me to dream again and has inspired me to share my story through the arts.

I have truthfully been praying over this blog and for YOU reading this, for quite some time and I am elated to enter in with vulnerability and truth. Let’s share and push forward in our own lives as we draw closer to love. He delights over us with singing. We are His delight. Let’s take a stand and share in our stories of what redemption looks like.

Thanks for stopping by and I can’t wait to share and partner together,

Tirzah Stands